We mostly always had ham and scalloped cheesy potatoes on Easter. As an adult, I’ve made hot cross buns every year on Good Friday. I like that they take all day - little waystations to remind me of the hope of the resurrection.

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We had a similar conversation, but it was coloured by my realization that the expectation of a stellar resurrection day lunch asks the impossible… get your family up and ready for church while also somehow having an unbelievable meal ready to be consumed upon arrival home.

My theory is the sheer impossibility of the task leads to hams popularity in the easter meal… it's forgiving and reliable.

Lamb is considered traditional in my wife's family and in my own. And, it's pretty delicious.

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Someone asked me that this week as I was going to a gathering and was asked to bring something—and I had no idea what. I realized we had very few food traditions around Easter.

I decided to take a cheesy potato casserole that in my family is known as funeral potatoes, but for the holiday I rebranded them as “resurrection potatoes.”

They were delicious.

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Michelle makes mac & cheese for most every holiday now. She makes it a little different every time and I think her Easter batch this year was her best in a long time

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I feel like ham is the quintessential Easter food. I have never had Hot Cross Buns. Is that a Northern thing?

I think, because of growing up in Augusta, I always consider Green Jacket Salad to be an Easter food. Since the Masters is normally close to Easter, it is something I make every year (as does my mom). But, that’s a very specific Easter food.

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