This is fun to ponder. Here are some of mine:

- Over the Rhine touring their (best) Christmas album “Snow Angels” on a very cold and snowy night in Holland, MI, with twinkle lights.

- U2’s 360 Tour in Lansing, MI in 2014, I think? Probably not a remarkable tour stop for them, but it was my first big stadium concert and it totally blew my mind.

- The Milk Carton Kids at Calvin College. Once in their huge and lovely concert hall, and once in their small chapel in the round. The guys moved their mics every few songs and played to the entire circle. I love them. 😂

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Hahaha that's really funny about the concert in the round. I've been in that room -- it's beautiful!

I am envious of your U2 experience. They are on my bucket list.

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Duncan Sheik opening for Jars of Clay at Mamakin in Boston

Innocence Mission opening for Natalie Merchant at the Orphium in Boston

Boston Pops on the Esplinade in Boston

Bare Naked Ladies "Stunt" release concert at Government Center in Boston

Christopher Williams opening for Ellis Paul at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA

Andrew Peterson & Bebo Norman opening for Caedmon's Call at Messiah College

Goo Goo Dolls opening for Counting Crows at PNC Pavilion in Charlotte

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I thought of adding a few of these, also :)

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You’ve gone to so many fun concerts! And it looks like David has too 😊

Every AP concert is always a gift. I think my favorite one, though, would be his Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 Tour of 2018. The album had just come out on Good Friday of that year (a few weeks earlier), and Emma Kate and I listened to it the whole time we were in England. Then we saw him a few weeks later. So, so good.

I’ve seen Ben Rector a crazy amount of times, and he always puts on a wonderful show.

Now I’m going to convince Bryan we should go to more concerts :)

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Agree about AP. The first time I heard him sing after covid was for a very small crowd in West Virginia. He sat down at the piano and began to sing "The Color Green" by Rich Mullins, which is one of my all-time favorite songs. It felt like a sunrise :)

(Also -- I have heard that about Ben Rector! I should go see him sometime)

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